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How to Throw an Epic Farmhouse-Style Dinner Party?

July 28, 2022 38 view(s)
How to Throw an Epic Farmhouse-Style Dinner Party?

Looking for some sensational ideas and pro tips to plan a smashing farmhouse-style dinner party? You’ve come to the right place. Planning any dinner party can be a tiresome ordeal especially if you’re looking to blow the crowd away. The food and the dishes aren’t the only aspects that require hard work and attention. They might be the stars of the show but a lot of thought and planning goes into every little detail. From the cutlery to farmhouse table and chairs for a farmhouse theme, to the color scheme to even the placements. When every little detail is synchronized, it all comes together in harmony to create the perfect vibe to woo everyone away. 

So, let’s dive right into it and discuss some tips and ideas that could be a great deal of help for you if you’re planning a farmhouse-style dinner party. 


You don’t have to invest tons of money and time to plan an epic dinner party. Who says you can’t have a good time while keeping it casual with some simple farmhouse tables and chairs? Some of the best planned and most enjoyed events are causal events. You don’t have to spend hours and hours creating lavish food items or decorating your home or your space for a big extravaganza. Go for a folding table and chairs with a table setting that you can use both indoors and outdoors with quality and durable items of cutlery. Transparent plastic glasses that won’t break with a hardy set of dishes and crockery when given the right spin and decor can do wonders for your table setting. This farmhouse dining table and chairs set-up can even be used on multiple occasions over and over will be a lot more manageable, and still, look elegant and beautiful.


It is so important to have a fixed color scheme for your farmhouse-style dinner party. A variety of different colors without any coordination might end up looking like a kid’s circus-themed birthday party and we don’t want that now do we? Decide on a nice rustic color-based theme with shades of rust, maybe some cream tones with dashes of browns in them. Go through your occasions closet or your storage areas and fish out everything that you find that corresponds with your color theme and try to put it to use throughout your farmhouse-style dinner party space. Pick out the neutralized backgrounds in your home and use your theme colors on top of those backgrounds for that perfect splash of rustic glamour


If you have a nice outdoor space at your home that’s the perfect space for your farmhouse table and chairs. Think outside the box with farmhouse wood tables, wine barrels, and modern farmhouse dining chairs to make it all the more glorious. If the weather allows, take your entire party outside. A farmhouse theme actually works best outside among nature and the beautiful greens under the beautiful stars. You can do so much in an outdoor setting. With the right lighting, you can bring your entire table setting outside as is. Add some farmhouse dining tables and chairs like you prefer. Could be a big center modern farmhouse dining table with chairs all around it or could even be a number of round tables spread across the space. The world’s your oyster when it comes to the outdoors!


When it comes to this theme, layering it up is always a good idea. Add an amalgam of textures and colors and it will soften up the entire rustic table setup for events. Lace, grain sack, linen with floral or neutral dinnerware, and metallics on a beautiful jute table runner with linen tablecloth. Add your finishing touches with some bourbon barrel wine, flowers, and cozy food items, and voila, you have a setting to die for!


Statement pieces are everything. They’re the real underdogs of every gathering or event. If you’re looking to add that wow factor whether it's indoors or outdoors, think statement pieces. Whether it’s a gorgeous hanging mirror, some rustic-looking wine barrels, or a glamorous boho-themed chandelier or light piece. Think of the statement piece you’d wish to see in the setting you’re planning and just go for it. You can even create your own statement piece using something old and vintage from your own home if you’re looking to go the extra mile.


Self-serve stations are a great idea for any dinner party. Not only do they make things incredibly convenient for the hosts but they’re super fun for the guests as well. Especially if you’re hosting your dinner party outdoors, self-serve bars and stations are ideal. Your guests can just saunter on from their farmhouse cross back chairs and make their plate according to their own choice which is a huge advantage for them. Also, this allows you (the host) to spend some quality time with your guests and enjoy the company of your family and friends in peace.


Who says dinner parties need to be snooty and boring to look good? You can throw a beautiful rustic-themed dinner party and it can be a blast at the same time. Games centered around the theme of your event or dinner are always a good call. They keep everyone entertained, engaged, and looking forward to the hustle and bustle. Throw a dartboard in the corner and have a friendly competition of darts. Gather up your Wood Chiavari Chairs or Resin Chiavari Chairs and play some musical chairs. You could even play cornhole and horseshoe throwing and your guests would surely have the time of their life.


Farm tables are a staple for every farmhouse-style dinner party. You can’t even begin to plan a party without a table, can you? Your table and the setting you choose for it is what brings the entire party plan together. Whether you’re going for round folding farm tables or cross-legged long slab wooden farm tables or a simple straight-legged wooden folding farm table. Global Event Supply has a varying array of different furniture pieces including farmhouse-style furniture for your events. Visit our website and check out the stunning variety we’ve got for you.