Cross Back Chairs

Crossback chair fits perfectly with rustic themes as well as outdoor and vintage settings. This chair is beautifully finished. Unlike the common chair our competitors carry, our chairs backrests are finished with carriage bolts making it sinewy. Stacking design for easy transportation and storage. We carry a beautiful selection of colors. Including chairs with rattan seats and woven backrests. High quantities are always in stock and we welcome custom orders. 

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  1. Farmhouse Resin Cross Back Chair
    Farmhouse Resin Cross Back Chair
    Volume Price From $58.99
  2. TitanPRO™ Resin Cross Back Chair
    Resin Cross Back Chair
    Volume Price From $48.08
  3. New Farmhouse Cross Back X-back Chair
    Farmhouse Cross Back (X-back) Chair
    Volume Price From $67.70
  4. New Madison Cross Back Chair Mark II
    Madison Cross Back Chair - Mark II
    Volume Price From $61.95
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Cross Back Chair Types

Comfortable seating for your home is a necessary part while you are furnishing your home. You definitely look for all the best options that lead to comfortable and luxurious seating while you renovate the sitting space. Cross back chairs are the perfect furniture chairs that provide a cozy sitting. These beautifully furnished chairs fit perfectly with the warm themes of your traditional porch. These chairs are perfect for indoor or outdoor vintage settings as well.

A perfect addition to your dining room is the x back dining chairs. The x back chairs have a solid backing, and they are capable of supporting plenty of weight. So, if you are looking for something unique then it’s time to say goodbye to boring straight dining chairs and say hello to the modern style, unique crossback chairs that not only upgrade the overall look of the dining area but also offer a great support on sitting. 

These wonderful dining chairs blend perfectly with the overall contemporary interior of your home. For your dining room, you obviously need chairs that have comfortable rattan seats and chairs that provide sturdy support along with the appealing look. X back chair surely offers practicality to your home along with the unique style. We are proud to offer a variety of crossback chairs. The good thing is, you have the choice to select your favorite colors and right size of the dining chairs that fit right in the available space of your home.

Another type of cross back chairs are the Cross back benches are another type of cross back chairs. These benches are large in size and allow multiple seating rather than single seating. These benches are perfect for the outdoor sitting area. These benches are an ideal piece of furniture for your outdoor space because the material of these chairs is UV resistant. You can set up these benches in your backyard where you and your family can have evening tea time. The cross back benches are perfect chairs for events, because instead of arranging multiple single chairs, you can set up a few benches at your event because it saves space and looks like a unique outdoor seating idea as well.