Plastic Folding Chairs

Plastic folding chairs from Global Event Supply are the most trusted party chairs in the business. They are a versatile and convenient seating solution for all kinds of parties and special events, from backyard parties to graduations. At Global, we sell factory direct to pass on the best possible price to our customers, while shipping a durable chair that has been party rental proven for decades. You'll find a large inventory of plastic folding chairs for sale in our California and Texas warehouses, available for pickup or quick shipment all across the country. 

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    Plastic Folding Chair
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    Plastic Folding Chair-White
    Durable TitanPRO Plastic Folding Chair. Commercial-grade quality. Lightweight construction. Stack as high as 50 chairs or more.
  3. TitanPRO™ Aluminum Plastic Folding Chair
    Aluminum Plastic Folding Chair
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  4. Fanback Plastic Folding Chair
    Fanback Plastic Folding Chair
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Establishing a business layout or devising large- and small-scale events call for comfortable and appropriate seating space. And when it comes to this, you will not do better than plastic folding chairs — a quick and portable solution for your seating needs, no matter what the occasion. Since these event chairs are available in a myriad of styles, colors, and material options, we have conceived the following guide to educate you on the available options.

Material Diversity of Folding Chairs

Whether you seek wedding event chairs for sale, or to satisfy your office’s seating requirements, there’s something for everyone. They are available in following types.

Metal Folding Chairs

Offering superb rigidity, they are durable and highly resistant to scratches and heavy use. You can go for metal event chairs wholesale for either indoor or outdoor activities.

White Plastic Chairs

White plastic or poly folding chairs are the workhorse of the event industry and are easily the value leader. If you are an event organizer, looking for poly folding chairs wholesale deals would be undoubtedly an economical solution for any upcoming event.

Fabric Padded Event Chairs

Ideal for indoor ceremonies, events, or never-ending office meetings. The soft padding makes sure that the guests enjoy a comfortable stay. However, they are not fitted for outdoor activities since the padding can absorb moisture quickly and become damp. Not to forget, untroubling storage is also a plus point and you can store from 30 to 50 folded chairs in standing chair carts and move them around effortlessly.  

Resin Folding Chairs

Forged from polypropylene, resin chairs rivals and somewhat surpass the sturdiness of dense wood. This explains the widespread popularity of these chairs on events, whether outdoor or behind walls. What will make you love them more is the UV protection layer, allowing them to withstand the harshness of sun radiation. In layman terms, placing them under sunlight will not turn them yellow.

Wooden Banquet Folding Chairs

These banquet chairs are the “go-to” choice for organizers for weddings and traditional events, considering the sophisticated looks and elegance.  So, you can easily find your favorite banquet chairs for sale enlisted on our website.

Vinyl Padded Plastic Folding Chairs

Just like the aforementioned fabric padding, they might be a more comfortable option for indoors, but not for placing out in the open. Even though the fabric resists moisture, it isn’t fully suitable for outdoor events.