Resin Chiavari ChairResin Chiavari Chair

Resin Chiavari

Wood Chiavari ChairWood Chiavari Chair

Wood Chiavari

Aluminum Chiavari ChairAluminum Chiavari Chair

Aluminum Chiavari

Chiavari Chair AccessoriesChiavari Chair Accessories

Chiavari Accessories

Plastic Folding ChairPlastic Folding Chair

Plastic Folding

Cross Back ChairCross Back Chair

Crossback Chairs

Clear Chiavari ChairClear Chiavari Chair

Clear Chairs

Pop Louis Banquet ChairPop Louis Banquet Chair

POP Louis

Fan Back Folding ChairFan Back Folding Chair

Fanback Folding

Bamboo Folding ChairBamboo Folding Chair

Bamboo Folding

Wood Folding ChairWood Folding Chair

Wood Folding

Resin Folding ChairResin Folding Chair

Resin Folding

Metal Industrial Stacking ChairMetal Industrial Stacking Chair


Queen Throne Chair in SilverQueen Throne Chair in Silver

Throne Chairs

Children's Plastic Folding ChairChildren's Plastic Folding Chair

Chilrden's Chairs

Folding Chair CartFolding Chair Cart

Chair Carts and Dollies

Unlike old times now when we search the market for any furniture, especially event chairs, we find ourselves an endless variety to choose from. From the meticulously crafted Chiavari Chairs to the rustic touch of wooden chairs, from the sheer elegance offered by clear chairs to the extravagance of Pop Louis chairs and the comfort of Specialty Chairs, the list is endless.


Most chairs are unique in terms of their style, built, texture, and of course, their durability and purpose. While some chairs like Chiavari and Clear are perfect for events and gatherings, folding and specialty chairs are usually used for casual household seating arrangements. The world of design and art has no boundaries; hence we continue to a new variety and style of event chairs every now and then.

Chiavari Chairs

One of the most sophisticated event chairs is the Chiavari chairs because of the chic design and style they have to offer. You can easily find Chiavari chairs for sale as well as for rent, but they can also be custom-made according to your liking.

  • Their minimalistic design, carved spindles, and sleek build make them look extremely elegant- suited for all types of formal gatherings, weddings, and events.
  • Chiavari chairs were primarily made from high-quality timber, but due to their immense popularity with time, they are now also made from aluminum and resin.

Wood Chiavari Chairs

People who are a fan of traditional wooden furniture love to incorporate wooden chairs in their sitting area. These chairs have a perfect rustic touch to them, and their glossy finish makes them look even more impressive. Wooden Chiavari chairs can be furnished without any paint layer on them; however, to give them a more refined finish, mahogany or deep brown looks unique on them. Despite having no armrests, these chairs are incredibly stable and sturdy.

Aluminum Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs made from aluminum are way more resistant to scratching and harsh weather. They are highly durable and perfect for people who prefer buying furniture because of their longevity. Their classic metallic look complements any modern theme.

  • They are more costly as compared with wooden Chiavari chairs because of the superior durability they have to offer.
  • Despite their durability, these chairs are light in weight, and their glorious silver color makes them ideal to be used as wedding chairs.

Resin Chiavari Chairs

Resin Chiavari Chairs are the upgraded version of aluminum Chiavari chairs. Their firm, sturdily built, along with their unique sense of texture, sets them apart from the other chair materials. These resin chairs are highly durable against rust, strain, and harsh temperatures. Despite being extremely strong, these chairs are equally comfortable to sit on for long hours and are an ideal option because their high-quality resin material covers all scratches and blemishes.

Folding Chairs

No house is complete without a stack of folding chairs. Undoubtedly, they are the most economical, easy to store, and easy to maintain chairs out there. Despite their minimalistic style, there are numerous materials from which these chairs are now made, and these folding chairs for sale can be easily found in any marketplace.

  • Readily available in a number of sizes, colors, styles, and textures, these chairs continue to remain popular.

Plastic Folding Chairs

Plastic chairs are the go-to event chairs when it comes to casual gatherings seating. Despite the fact that these chairs are not very comfortable, their reasonable cost makes them worth buying. They are easy to maintain. All you need to do is wash them or wipe them with a wet cloth to clean them, and you're good to go.

Wood Folding Chairs

If you’re a fan of wood-based furniture, then wooden folding chairs are the right option for you. From timber, oakwood to hardwood, and even fruitwood, there are a number of wooden varieties from which folding chairs are made.

In order to give them a more refined finish that makes them look more luxurious and appealing, a layer of mahogany color, white or black, is enough. Their classic touch and warm rustic tone perfectly complement a lush garden or balcony.

Resin Folding Chairs

Resin folding chairs define modernity with elegance. They are the next best thing to wood folding chairs. Their superior built material that is exceptionally durable and has a high tensile strength makes them a unique type of event chair.

  • Their clear color is so trendy that it is now widely used for formal seating arrangements.
  • The resin folding chairs are easier to maintain and clean, do not require frequent paint touch-ups, and have a built-in stacking feature.

Bamboo Folding Chairs

Bamboo folding chairs have gifted us with a unique rustic aesthetic. It’s definitely not your usual wooden chairs, instead something way more extravagant and sophisticated.

  • Perfect for all themed outdoors like balconies, gardens, and rooftops, these chairs offer a great deal of luxury and comfort.
  • Their polished bamboo finish and graceful curvature hug your body so you can comfortably enjoy some tropical forest experience at your home.

Clear Chairs

With one of the most aesthetically pleasing appearances and sturdy built, clear chairs have been all the rage recently. Made from polycarbonate, these chairs are pretty durable and tensile. They easily go well with all types of modern themes, whether they are similar color tones like silver or white.

Not only this, but they also look chic when paired in contrast with dark colors like mahogany and black. Their subtle yet classy appearance is perfect for refreshing any décor style as they are highly sophisticated.

Pop Louis Chairs

A versatile design supported by high-quality powder-coated aluminum makes pop Louis chairs the most distinguished banquet chairs. Their timeless style and frame make them one of the most popular event chairs. Their intricately designed structure, along with a soft upholstered seat, makes them the epitome of luxury and extravagance. Built to perfection, these event chairs are extensively used in all sorts of formal gatherings like festivities, weddings, and parties.

Specialty Chairs

Apart from the usual folding chairs, specialty chairs are easier to stack and store. Moreover, they offer a greater level of comfort and durability. What makes them impressive is the fact that they can be used in almost any type of event. Not only this, but because of their ease of maintenance and lightweight, they are also used for seating in various cafes, bistros, and restaurants.

  • Specialty chairs can be custom-made in any color or material as well as in different designs.

Throne Chairs

Throne chairs are undoubtedly the epitome of royalty and greatness when it comes to classy furniture. Not all kings and queens wear a crown. If you have a throne chair, you're no less than them, and these extravagant chairs assure you of it.

  • Their soft upholstered cushion seats, along with elegant frame detailing, make them stand out in a room full of other furniture.
  • The superior build and structure of these throne chairs make you feel on the top like royalty every time you sit on them.

Children's Chairs

Apart from all the recent event chairs, children’s chairs have a different fanbase. There's a large variety of material, size, and design to choose from when you want a custom-made chair for your child. Learning and mealtimes are way more engaging when your child has a comfortable seat to sit on, and what's better if they have their favorite cartoon printed on it? The options are indeed endless.

Final Thoughts

Just like you plan the layout of your venue, your budget and the theme of your wedding, it is also important to give attention to the type of seating. The seating style of the event communicates with your guests and delivers a message.

Hence, whether it’s setting up a business meeting or arranging chairs for a wedding, you can always consult professionals who could guide you and help you to make the right choice.

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