Cocktail Tables

We carry various sizes and styles of cocktail tables in plywood and resin. Our cocktail tables are easily assembled and give you two options to get the most use from them.  Easily transport plywood cocktail tables with all of their accompanying parts in a Cocktail table cart. Resin cocktail tables easily fold and are light and are perfect to stack once folded.  

Plywood cocktail tables have the option of two (2) poles. 30" height is ideal for sit down cafe-style seating and the 42" height is used for cocktails and perfect to use with Barstools. We also carry a varied selection of all styles of barstools. 

We also carry Spandex linens for all your Cocktail Table Cover needs. 

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Cocktail tables are a perfect piece of furniture that compliments your space, and it is considered a must-have item. Cocktail tables are the ones that are popular for their versatility and their modern design. If you have a spacious area or when space is at a premium, opt for tall tables

Cocktail tables for sale will be an ideal selection of party furniture, if you are planning to host an event in your backyard. Finding the right table in terms of its style and shape that goes well with your overall furniture is necessary. Cocktail tables are available in round and square shapes. Below are the shapes and styles of cocktail tables.


One of the most basic but unique shapes of the cocktail table is none other than square tables. These tables may vary in sizes and nature of the material, but you can select one according to the space of your living room or choose one even for your backyard. The traditional shape of the tables allows you to set it up at any part of your home, no matter if you want to set it up in front of a sofa or you want it outside in the garden of your home. You can of course opt for square tables.


This stylish shape of cocktail tables is quite a popular home furniture table shape in recent times. Round tables are considered as the modern style as it offers a club-style seating. Round cocktail tables are a perfect option if you are planning a party, imagine how amazing it would be to have a cocktail table that is adjusted at a certain height which is perfect for standing guests to lean on, set their drinks, or even nibble at. You can check out the range of cocktail tables for sale that are surely perfect for any kind of event. Make sure to utilize party table rentals in your parties, weddings, or any other gatherings. 


What is better than having a table that you can unfold as per your need and can be unfolded and stored away when you are done using it? A folding cocktail table is what you want, perfect as interior and exterior furniture for your home. If you are planning a big crowd gathering, then a party isn’t a party without cocktail tables. Use folding cocktail tables for a buffet, you can fold the table and place it aside and make use of the space for further activities in the party. Folding cocktail tables benefits a lot as they are easy to transport and light-weighted. These unique and stylish tables allow compact storage as the legs of the table can be folded underneath and you can store it anywhere in cocktail table carts. To save even more space, utilize folding cocktail tables that can be unfolded when entertaining and stow away easily when the party's over.