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  1. Blow Molded 60'' Round Plastic Folding Table
    Blow Molded 60'' Round Plastic Folding Table

    Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Comfortably seats 10 guests. Durable and stain resistant.

  2. Titan Series Plus™ European Plywood Folding Table - 8' x 30''
    Titan Series Plus™ European Plywood Folding Table - 8' x 30''
    Wholesale Wood Folding Table - 8'x30'' banquet - vinyl edge
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In this modern-chic century, tables are part of furniture that makes every home or event unique and gives it a shine. They come in all kinds of styles altered to fit your wishes; are a symbol of glamour and comfort. This is perhaps why they make for a great addition to every event and why you should buy yourself one right away!


A table is customized for every type of event, from outdoor wooden event tables to round cocktail tables. They are easy to maintain, sleek and best of all can be bought as well as rented! They promise style, comfort and ease of maintenance.

Your Guide to Choosing the Optimal Table

Event tables are packed with comfort as well as elegance; thus, choosing a table tailor-fitted to your needs is crucial. Following are a few options to choose from, which are all equally worthwhile and a significant investment in luxurious furniture.

Plastic Folding Tables

This is a hybrid form of furniture coated with epoxy that makes it more durable than any other outdoor table. They are fit to be used outdoors and also make for a great indoor accessory. Plastic tables are impervious to ultraviolet light, corrosion-resistant, scratch and waterproof; hence they are easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with a wipe and soapy water.

Plastic Tables are also a great alternative, although they are more fit for outdoor grounds. They can be bought from any market offering wholesale folding tables. They are much lighter than plastic folding chairs, which makes them perfect for camping adventures. In addition, they can be carried and transported easily. In the best-case scenario, Plastic Folding tables can last for 15 to 20 years without any major damages!

Plywood Tables

Plywood is a manufactured wood product. An A or B grade plywood is best for constructing furniture such as event tables. Plywood tables give off a mid-century, sleek vibe which makes them a must-have. Their edges have been fined carefully to look aesthetically pleasing and safe for children.

They are a little heavier than plastic tables; however, their weight directly indicates their durability. Depending on their environment and usage, plywood tables can last for ages.

Some tables come sealed with a protective coating that makes them water-resistant and boasts their strength. Moreover, the maintenance of plywood tables is relatively easy as they can be cleaned with a dilute solution of soap-based cleaner. These sleek tables make for excellent dining event tables!

Cocktail Tables

If you don't know which tables to have for your next party, then don't fret because cocktail tables are the answer! These heightened circular tables are made from plastic or plywood. Their design makes them perfect for placing your cup of drink on as you converse away at a casual event!

These come in various sizes as well as colours so you can find the table of your dreams! Round cocktails tables can be paired with barstools and can also be used as café seatings. They are light, foldable and can be stacked, making storage and moving a cup of tea. Wholesalers, as well as marketplaces and furniture shops, have cocktail tables for sale so that they can be acquired easily.

Children’s Tables

This option has been explicitly provided, keeping in mind the concerns of parents. Children's tables are made from durable plywood so that there is minimal chance of damage. Another option is plastic folding tables which are waterproof and scratch proof. This makes them easy to clean in the unfortunate but frequent case of spilt food and drinks by children. Using a clean cloth with some soapy water will surely do the trick!

There are options for your child to use as their study table, and there are different styles and colours to choose from depending on your little one’s age. Some tables also come with a folding option so that you can take them on picnics and camping trips for your child. They are suitable to use outdoors for limited hours. Invest in a table now and get a practical accessory for your child!

Farm Tables

What’s a farmhouse if it doesn’t even have a proper dining table? Farm tables are usually carved from natural wood or given a distressed paint finish for a rustic modern-chic look. They complete your garden and are weather-resistant, guaranteeing years without repairs.

Farm tables with benches are a perfect duo for picnics and get-togethers. In addition, one can find farm tables for sale at economical prices in marketplaces.

Farm tables have been in style for quite a while and are among the most popular interior design choices. This is because of their overall sleek look, easy to maintain structure and durability. Farm tables can be found in circular and rectangular shapes and can be used as event tables. Every table is unique in its colour and style. Farm tables are the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship and an essential item to have.

Table Carts

Table carts are a must-have for gathering spaces such as marriage halls or community centres. They are economic tools for temporarily storing plastic folding tables and transporting them. There are table carts for circular, squarer as well as rectangular tables. Undoubtedly investing in this tool will prove to be very convenient for event setups as they are customized for commercial use.

There is a range of styles and sizes to explore to find a table cart that fits your needs, from table dolly carts to folding table carts. They are perfect for places with less storage space and guarantee that your tables stay safe and compact. There are many features to select from tabletop materials to colours, as table carts are as unique as they come! They are made with commercial-grade steel that nods at durability and strength, so you don't have to fret about their maintenance.


Style, glamour and comfort, all these qualities in event tables and they are guaranteed to be worth every penny. Gone are the days when event tables were considered to be merely 'taking up space '. Instead, stylish tables are all the rage in the 21-century so take your pick at the table of your dreams from these options. This is a chance to get up to date with the latest trends, so go ahead and start exploring!