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Global Events Supply has an unparalleled selection of bar stools and tables, ready to accentuate the ambiance of your bar while complementing the modern yet classic theme of your business. The hallmark sophistication is what we pride in as the largest and most beloved event furniture distributors of the nation.


Upholding our dedication to creating a relationship, we bring bar items carefully curated to suit your taste and need. Be it luxury bar stools to elevate your space or a simple functional bar stool set of 4 as a basic investment, explore and identify the apt fit to get things going for your business.

Indulge in a blend of minimalistic aesthetics with ergonomic designs, perfect for seating appraisal and quality dining. We understand the cut-throat competition in the hospitality industry today, thus bringing you the best bar furniture, perfect for an exceptional dine-in experience both indoors and outdoors. With utility, style, and durability, we offer a variety of bar stools and tables, ready to transcend eras and make an impression that lasts.

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Portable Bar and Barstools

From premium wood to plastic, resin, and even metal frame offerings, you name it and we have it. This highly rated category of our furniture is popular among homeowners, commercial event managers, and business enthusiasts with a love for adaptability according to changing dynamics. This category includes:

  • Portable bars
  • Portable bar stools
  • Chaviari Bar Stools
  • Swivel Bar Stools
  • Cocktail Tables

One of the most favorite picks is the portable bars with stools that can be easily installed and used as per need. You need not fix them in one place but maximize utility and bag some rents owing to the quick and easy portability feature. Our portable selection of bar items is both hassle-free and quick set-up essentials. The former quality of the bar items adds to the transport and storage convenience. Our counter height bar stools can also be folded and stored in compact spaces, ridding you of unnecessary storage hassles.

Our cocktail tables are made with the finest quality wood and aluminum, boasting finesse and enjoying the status of the favorite choice of all restaurant owners, party planners, and banquet event organizers. Our quality merchandise is popular for its stable, sturdy, and durable offering combined with cart storage as an added bonus.

With cross spindles, stable legs, and hardwood seats, these lightweight yet miraculously sturdy Chiavari chairs are very long-lasting. The manufacturing raw material is pretested for quality insurance and premium make. The feet of our products have protective glides that minimize the risk of slips and falls along with a guarantee that your floors will not be harmed!

Best suited for banquet events, these cocktail tablescan be utilized in homes as bistro sets as well. With a high-top design that flaunts modernity and style, these tables are also perfect to provide restaurant and bar customers with a fine dining experience.

Our Swivel Bar Stools are no less when it comes to utility, functionality, and aesthetic value. With superior springs and swivels and powder coated technology, these are expected to go a long way. Bidding farewell to drag, changing sides, and moving to and fro issues, our swivels are best for bars that allow multiple seating in a compact space.

Providing the ease of “all-way” interaction, our offerings like swivel bar stools and accessories make sure you have the best time that you had hoped for.

Also Offering:

Must Have Spandex Table Covers

Together with bar stools and tables, our spandex table covers too, make highlights. Designed for ultimate protection in all seasons to ensure longevity and durability, these covers provide unmatched satisfaction. They are easy to clean and low maintenance along with being super on the budget. With these spandex covers, you are guaranteed to fear only the doomsday and no unnecessary wear and tear for your business to sustain and repair, saving you money and time!

Now Offering Cocktail Tables for Rent and Cocktail Tables for Sale on Cheapest Deals

There is no debate that investing in every aspect of the venture is critical to succeeding in the business pursuit. While food and drinks matter, customers of today are aware of what they really need: value for their money and this value is in the form of a package that puts together a worth remembering time, satisfying customer service, welcoming vibes, and a comfortable environment.

Our ongoing deals are ideal for on-a-budget bistro set up. Whether you choose to dive into the sturdy experience with our wooden bar tables and stools or let the Chiavari bar stools light up your event, this steal deal is for you to get your hands on without fearing superfluous spending. With the kind of deals we have on sales and rentals, you won't just get bar items, but value and experience as a bonus!



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Cocktail Tables

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