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Wood Folding Chairs

The classic and elegant, Wedding chair in wood. Fits perfectly into any event and decor. We carry all the most popular finishes.

Make your events stand out from the rest, and be forever memorable by making sure you have the perfect arrangement for your guests’ seating. Hosting or arranging a statement event requires incorporating stylish yet functional elements.

Here, at Global Event Supply, we strongly believe that functionality and utility go hand-in-hand with aesthetics and décor. And, being a company that promises to deliver nothing short of excellence and premium quality products, rest assured, by choosing our wood folding chairs for sale, your event will be in safe hands.

Having more than a decade’s worth of experience in the folding chairs wholesale market, we have vast knowledge on the importance of form and functionality working well together, as well as on how to achieve just that, which is why each design for our folding chairs for sale is well thought out, keeping in mind both utility, as well as functionality.


What to Look For

The kind of chairs you use for seating at an event plays a major role in the aesthetic and look of the overall event.

For a sophisticated setup, we suggest looking at resin folding chairs, wood folding chairs, or banquet folding chairs. These are available in both black, and white to give you more variety to choose from and find a more suitable option to go with your décor because it is certainly undeniable that the appearance of your chairs can pull together the look of the whole event.

When choosing chairs for events, you ideally want to opt for something that will not only look good, and feel comfortable, but will also be easy to stack and store later on. Our outdoor folding chairs are designed to eliminate any hassle that you might have to go through, and are easy to move from place to place – and are of course, extremely comfortable for an event that may even be a few hours long.  

The type of seating you choose to have at your event needs to be appropriate for the theme of your event, and our extensive collection of wood folding chairs caters to various kinds of events.

White Folding Chairs

Be it a stunning daytime wedding, a birthday party, or any other occasion – white folding chairs are the way to go. By having sophisticated, and sturdy premium quality chairs, the décor of your event looks far more put together!


Folding Chairs Wholesale

Folding chairs are the most practical kind of seating you can arrange for an event or function. While our collection of wood folding chairs comes in a budget-friendly price range, you could even decide to get your set of folding chairs in wholesale! This will not only get you folding chairs in abundance but will in fact, also give you more of a margin in the price you pay.


Allow us to let you, quite literally, sit back, and relax, on our premium quality chairs, designed specifically to meet all your event seating needs, which are, not to mention well within a very budget-friendly range.