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Furniture is key to set the right ambiance for your space. Everything from a tiny vase to a rug can add an element of style and uplift the room. The more prominent features like chairs, tables, and sofas however are an easy yet simple way to achieve the look you’re going for. Whether you enjoy a clean, classic, and minimalist interior or like to go fancy, the right furniture sets the tone. Throne chairs are great to add a more expensive and royal feel to your area and work great as a statement piece.


How to get event throne chairs?

If you are an event organizer, getting a good deal on wholesale throne chairs is a golden find. It will elevate and increase your collection’s value and is profitable in the long run. If you are just looking for chairs for an event you’re planning, a throne rental is a way to go. Renting is a safe, convenient, and budget-friendly option for you to consider. If your local party rental company doesn't have the stock, tell them to buy Throne Chairs from Global Event Supply!

The options are endless! Explore and find your perfect match!

With endless options for you to choose from, it might get a little intimidating. Remembering the theme, you’re going with for your special event and the layout and venue can really help speed the process. We have listed a few options that we think work great!

Some throne chairs for wedding worth looking into:

Whether you’re looking for a gold throne chair for sale to place around the house or some king and queen chairs for your big day, we have you covered.

The throne loveseat

There’s no better seat that makes a statement quite like this one. The seat is spacious, comfortable, and incredibly elegant. A throne seat you and your spouse can share center stage to make the most of your event. It can go with almost any black-tie wedding and will leave your guests in awe.

Tiffany throne chair

A clean, classic option we recommend going for white or beige. These are elegant and add more value to an event. If you want fancy seating arrangements for your guests, this is the chair to go for be it a wedding, an anniversary or a big party, one of these will really take your event from average to great.

Wooden throne chairs

For a more laid-back, vintage theme, a wooden accent will accentuate your interior décor. These will work for indoor and outdoor weddings alike! Wood adds a touch of poise and charm like none other. A great choice that never goes wrong.