Setup & Decor Items

To make your event a success, everything from the food down to the crockery you choose matters. Event décor can be a daunting task but with some help from a trained team of professionals and industrial-grade event furniture, your event will be nothing short of memorable!


The details are what make an event stand out

Here are some things that will elevate your event decor, add value, and a more customized outlook for you and your guests. It’s all in the details! Everything comes together as a whole to make one grand and successful event. Know what you need, and then get everything you require to make your dream a reality.

Consider event decor; we have some key items listed for you!

For event decor, it is important to try and get everything you need without breaking the bank. A good deal is your best friend when it comes to organizing an event. Big or small, we have compiled a few items you may need to consider getting from an event supply wholesale.

Spandex table covers

The reason we are putting them on the list is the usability, convenience, and clean outlook. While a normal table cloth can get messy and be all over the place, a spandex one can be stain-resistant and look clean and crisp. The beauty of a spandex cover is that any spills can be wiped away almost instantly with a napkin without any nasty stains.

Spandex chair covers

Made to fit snugly, these are perfect for banquet chairs and folding chairs depending on the kind you get. For an indoor or outdoor wedding, or anniversary party opt for classic ivory or white for a clean and elegant look to complement most interior and exterior settings. Your event decoration for a wedding should be custom crafted to your own unique aesthetics as there is no right or wrong when it comes to your big day.


Available in all shapes and sizes, your party rental customers are always going to be interested in renting a canopy for an outdoor event to investing in your own is perhaps the smartest decision to make. This is designed to give you privacy and shade all the same time so the weather conditions cannot take away from your big events. Whether it’s a wedding or a business seminar, a canopy can bring together an event while adding a distinct design element if you choose the right one. Retractable canopies are a key purchase if you are a wedding planner or just simply happen to be arranging an event. This can later be stored for convenience and you never have to worry about having to repurchase it. It is great value for money and a purchase you won’t regret.

Market Umbrella

This is great when paired with a canopy or even as a standalone shade. The commercial-grade umbrellas are perfect for indoor and outdoor events and can withstand rough weather conditions. Keep yourself and your guests protected from the sun during all important ceremonies. Most come with a plastic umbrella base for durability, mobility, and utmost convenience.

Pipe and Drape 

Stanchions & Ropes




Charger Plates