Plywood Tables

Our tables tops are made of high quality 3/4" solid plywood. Plywood table tops are sealed with a polyurethane, water-resistant protective high gloss coating.  Table edges are finished with heavy-duty rubber "T" style molding. (Aluminum edge is available) Features include full-length hardwood runners to add additional support. 100% bolt-through construction. (no screws) Wishbone style, 15 gauge powder-coated steel legs in standard 30" height. Legs have a positive locking mechanism. All plywood tables include 2 1/4" runners to protect tabletops from folded legs during storage and transport. 

  • We stock many different sizes and styles.

  • We stock substantial quantities of our inventory. ( We are the manufacturer no middle man)

  • We can custom order any additional design or size you are looking for. ( Large quantities only)

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  1. Titan Series Plus™ European Plywood Folding Table - 8' x 30''
    Titan Series Plus™ European Plywood Folding Table - 8' x 30''
    Wholesale Wood Folding Table - 8'x30'' banquet - vinyl edge
  2. Heavy Duty Birchwood Folding Banquet Table - ''King'' 8' x 48''
    Heavy Duty Birchwood Folding Banquet Table - ''King'' 8' x 48''
    • Commercial-Grade Heavy Duty Birchwood Folding Banquet Table
    • Seats 8-12
    • Minimum Order Qty: 3 Tables
  3. 8x30 Wood Folding Banquet Table
    8ft Rectangular Plywood Table W / Folding Legs
    Wholesale Wood Folding Table - 8'x30'' banquet - vinyl edge
  4. 60'' round wood folding table
    60 (5ft) Round Plywood Table W / Folding Legs"

    Commercial-Grade Round Wooden Folding Table
    Seats 8 comfortably
    Best-selling Table

  5. Wood Folding Table - 6'x40'' banquet
    Wood Folding Table - 6'x40'' banquet - vinyl edge
    • Commercial-Grade Plywood Folding Banquet Table
    • Seats 6-8
    • Minimum Order Qty: 3 Tables
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Wood has been used in the formation of furniture over a period of time for ages. The furniture made of wood gives a very homely feeling and a classic touch of aesthetic appeal that any other material can not reflect. Wood is always a perfect choice for people who are interested in the longevity of their home furniture. Wooden furniture is the best option in terms of reliability, sustainability, and durability. The robust nature of the material makes it versatile and lets the furniture maintain its value over the years. For all the right reasons, wood tables have a timeless quality that is irreplaceable. The wooden tables are a great way to add warmth to your surroundings in a truly organic way.

There are three types of wood tables that you can use in different ways for different events. Starting with serpentine tables which are basically ¼ curved circle tables. You can style these unique tables in different ways in any of your events. Simply put 4 serpentine tables together so a circular spacious table is created with an empty space in the middle. No matter what the nature of your event is, these tables look amazingly beautiful and can be easily used to create a curved buffet table. For wedding tables, you can style the table by covering it with a top cover tablecloth that looks stylish and goes well with the overall decor of the event. We offer a  variety of serpentine tables in different sizes at Global Events Supply. With a wide range of banquet tables wholesale and party tables, you are guaranteed to find the best wooden table for you as per the need of your event that won't be a budget on the wallet as well.

Moreover, there are folding tables made of plywood. Plywood is considered one of the most versatile materials that is perfect for dining tables. The material’s strength makes it ideal because it doesn’t split. The smooth and flat surface of the wood folding table makes it a sustainable option to look for as a dining table. The stacking of several layers of wood veneers while the construction of the plywood makes the structural strength of the material really high and allows dimension stability. So, choosing a plywood round folding table for your dining area is undoubtedly the right decision because it is easy to transport. These wooden folding tables not only add charm to the dining area but also allow compact storage.

Another style of wooden tables is high top bar tables that are usually higher than the traditional tables, and offer cafe-style seating at home. If you are planning to have a small gathering at home with your friends, then setting up an outdoor wooden table in the backyard seems a great option. Chill with your friends and enjoy your cocktails while remembering the high school memories. Enjoy high-top bar tables, sturdy support, and the ravishing look in the middle of the garden.

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Plywood Table Accessories

  • Protect your Chiavari chairs during transport &  storage.

  • Chairs easily stack while covers are on.

  •  Easily transport your new chairs to and from venues and your warehouse.
  • Plywood tables can ship on Pallets anywhere in the world.
  • Maximum quantity per corresponding size pallet is 25 pieces.