Children's Chairs

We carry various styles of kid's chairs.  Whether you are looking for something pleasant for little eyes to look at or a sturdy chair that will take the rough and tumble of little hands, you'll find it. If you are looking for an equally beautiful chair as the adult Chiavari or Resin folding chair, we have it. 

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  1. Children's Resin Chiavari Chair - Pink
    Children's Resin Chiavari Chair - Pink
    Wholesale Children's Resin Chiavari Chair For Sale
  2. Children's Resin Chiavari Chair - White
    Children's Resin Chiavari Chair - White
    Wholesale Children's Resin Chiavari Chair For Sale
  3. Children's White Resin Folding Chair with Pad | GES
    TitanPRO™ Kid's White Resin Folding Chair
    Let the kids join the party without sacrificing appearance with our Children's White Resin Folding Chair. Commercial-grade quality and identical to our adult version, these downsized chairs will fit in while not standing out.
  4. Children's Resin Chiavari Chair - White
    Children's Resin Chiavari Chair - White
    Wholesale Kids Resin Chiavari Chairs. Commercial-grade quality. Use for indoor or outdoor events. Stack chiavari chairs to save floor space. Ships assembled.
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Children's Chairs

The correct high chair may make feeding your baby more joyful. Choosing a high chair may seem intimidating with so many features, designs, and materials. You want high children's chairs to withstand hard usage, spills, and cleaning. You should also decide if you wish to use a home-use high chair or a portable one. You may want a children's chair plastic that can be altered as your kid develops. Test high chairs in-store to ensure they match your requirements. Mid-priced high chairs give the most delicate features and value. Use our high chair shopping guide to learn about safety and design aspects of red plastic children's tables and chairs like children's lawn chairs.

Plastic Folding Chair White

Designed for youngsters, these Kids White Plastic Foldable Chairs are made of polypropylene plastic which has been curved and textured to provide solid and safe yet pleasant children's chairs. The frame is 18-gauge powder-coated steel with two support rails for extra strength and longevity. Thanks to their space-saving nested construction, these lifetime children's chairs are straightforward to clean and can be quickly packed away when not in use. In order to protect your floors from scuffing and damage, each children's plastic table and the chair includes non-marring floor caps.

Children's Resin Chiavari Chair Blue

Don't forget to invite the little ones to the celebration! With Kid's Chiavari Chairs, your children can eat in elegance while sitting on white plastic children's chairs. With lowered kid's tables, you may create an exquisite atmosphere for your children with Global Event Supply children's chairs. With just one piece of resin making up each resin Chiavari chair for kids, there are no moving components, so very little maintenance is required. There is a customized kid's Chiavari chair cushion included with each children's armchair. Chiavari small children plastic chairs may be stacked similarly to seats for adults.

Kids Plastic Folding Chair-Black

White children's plastic chairs are just the right size for kids, and they can be bought in bulk at wholesale prices. Polypropylene seats and backs are of the highest quality used in children's folding tables and chairs. The metal is electrostatically powder-coated 18-gauge steel, which is toughened and resistant to corrosion used in children's outdoor tables and chairs.

Clear Children's Chiavari Chair

Now we're bringing the Resin Chiavari Chair to the world of Chiavari chairs. Mold is used to create the children's folding chairs chair frames. Other chairs were built in sections and put together afterward. The framework is very durable and requires little upkeep. Make your youngsters feel like VIPs at your big occasions with the attractively designed children's chairs. Miniature replicas of the adult-sized chairs will fit right in with this collection. These ultra-lightweight children's wooden chairs can support up to 330 pounds thanks to their ultra-strong children's resin chairs construction. One-piece, wobble-free polycarbonate construction is used in the design of this child's wooden chair with arms. They may be stored and transported in stacks of up to ten seats high when not in use.


Choosing the proper child-size goods is essential since your children may outgrow them or remain in an uncomfortable posture if you don't. A Global Event Supply kid's Chiavari chair will ensure that everyone has a place to sit at your table! Polycarbonate construction ensures long-term investment and is ideal for indoor and outdoor events.