Fan Back Poly Folding Chair

Fan Back Poly Folding Chairs are both Beautiful and Comfortable. Upgrade your regular Poly chairs with the Fan-Back to add beauty to any event. Great for any outdoor occasion.  Durable and strong. Commercial quality.

Instantly upgrade your décor for any outdoor or indoor event, by improving the kind of seating you choose to have at the occasion! Folding chairs have been around for the longest time, and are still in demand to this day, because of their practicality, and the ease they come with when it comes to moving them around. Fan back chairs are from the folding chair family, and can really pull together the décor of any event.


We, at Global Event Supply, stay true to our promise of producing chairs that not only work spectacularly but also look the part. We strongly believe in the essence of functionality and pleasing aesthetics working simultaneously, as it is only when that is the case, that an event can be considered successful and can make an impactful statement.

What You Need for The Perfect Outdoor Event

If you’re having an outdoor event, be it a wedding, a birthday celebration, or a simple gathering of friends and family, outdoor folding chairs are the best kind of seating you could opt for. Not only are they weather resistant, but are also convenient for use as they can be folded up easily. Fan back folding chairs are a good option, when looking into folding chairs, and are also stylish, thus creating a beautiful setup when paired with the rest of the décor.

When organizing an event in the outdoors, we simply cannot overlook the significance of practicality. Folding chairs are the most practically suitable as well as aesthetically sound option you could go for when choosing chairs for events. Their folding option makes it easy to stack them up conveniently when they’re not in use, and also to carry them around from one point to the other.

Nothing is classier than an all-white themed event! And what goes perfectly with that is a set of classy white folding chairs. Be it a daytime event or one at night, white folding chairs are a classic statement piece and can tie together any kind of event décor.

Folding chairs are the most convenient kind of event furniture! Save up on costs by choosing to go for folding chairs wholesale. Whether it's white folding chairs, wholesale metal folding chairs, fan back chairs, or any other kind of chairs you need at a large scale, we have it all and much more, for all your event furniture needs.

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