Chiavari Cushions & Accessories

Complete your Chiavari chairs with cushions. We have a wide variety of colors and styles in stock and available to custom order. (Large quantities only please on custom orders)

Luxury comfort and exquisitely royal seating styles are eccentric to giving your interior a flair of a signature look. Even though the Chiavari chair cushions and accessories cast an impactful spell and comfort in the air, yet they have evolved majestically with the voguish event industry trends.

Either it is a birthday celebration, a family gathering, or a fancy affair, with all the walking around, dancing, and partying, the premium range of Chiavari chairs with cushions will give your guests the comfort they deserve to prompt an interactive ambiance. As an add-on item for party rental companies, you can invest in bulk chair cushions made of vinyl leatherette. It is a budget-friendly way to avoid big splurges on maintenance, which is mandatory in fabric cushions.

Now you can amp up the high-end ballroom settings to rustic barn venues by opting for the Chiavari chair cushions for sale at competitive prices. These wood-backed designs are a sophisticated amalgam of comfort and plushness. Indulge in our premium range of Chiavari chair pads, vinyl wood-backed to wood-base cushions to uplift your patios and to rest in the peaceful outdoor settings. The vintage yet contemporary styled Chiavari chair cushions boast a whimsical outlook and detailed finesse that makes your luxe event gratifying and memorable. You can plump up from our sorted wholesale chair cushion collection featuring an exquisite color range varying from white, ivory to black and gold tones. These vibrant hues add a rustic tinge to the vintage affairs and alfresco seating.

Cushion Covers

Built to last, these chair pad covers and Chiavari chair cushion covers are fabricated to endure harsh weathering during commute and extravagant outdoor events. Be it your cozy patio or any outdoor space, the spandex Chiavari chair covers and the vinyl leatherette material facilitate a sound and practical alternative to fabric cushions. These Chiavari chair cushions are crafted from high-density foam that features a cotton/poly blend. The commercial-grade fabric and poly cord thread ensure longevity and prevent the color from fading out. The sleek and modern design flaunts a stain-resistant finish to ward off spillages and stains. The rugged fabric facilitates spot touching rather than having to launder the entire cushion fully. You can easily remove the easy-to-care spandex Chiavari chair covers for laundering after the event.

Our rental services offer Chiavari cushions at wholesale rates and minimal shipping charges. Make your events aesthetically pleasing and comfortable with Chiavari chair cushions.

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  1. Chiavari Chair cushion - Wood-backed Vinyl Cushions for Sale
    Chiavari cushion - Wood-backed Cushions - Vinyl
    Volume Price From $5.99
    Wholesale chiavari chair cushions. Wood backed, Vinyl upholstered.
  2. Chiavari cushion - Soft 2'' Box Cushions - Tan - White Velcro - USED
    Chiavari cushion - Soft 2'' Box Cushions - Tan - White Velcro - USED
    Sale Price $4.00 Regular Price $4.49
    Wholesale chiavari chair cushions with velcro ties
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