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Folding Chair Dollies

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  1. Hanging Chair Cart - Double Tier
    Hanging Chair Cart - Double Tier
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Folding Chair Dollies at

Folding Chair Carts & Dollies are designed to better serve you. That's it. The only purpose of the folding chair dolly is to make your life easier for you in the party rental and event industry. We created this video to show just how simplified the hustle and bustle of event season can be with one our of folding chair dollies.

Folding Chair Dollies and Carts

If you're a party rental veteran or somebody just opening up their business, one thing for that certain that will remain is how much easier life gets when you finally find a way to transport your inventory to and from a venue. 

Folding Chair Carts are perhaps the most basic but most effecient way to move your plastic, wood and resin foldinf chairs. It's also very cost effective. With folding chair dollies added to your arsenal, you'll possibly be able to reduce man power and save time, both burdens on your overall bottom line. 

Commercial grade Folding Chair Dollies for sale from EventStable have something to offer everybody. Our basic Folding Chair Dolly can transport just about seating option that folds, plastic, wood or resin. If you'd like ratchet straps to better secure your chairs to dolly, we sell those too!

Our Hanging Chair Carts are a little most robut, able to carry and transport Metal Folding Chairs. These particular carts also serve as a great storage solution in the absence of floor space. 

If you're planning on carrying heavy chairs over a long distance and on uneven and difficult terrain, we sell "Multi-Mover" and other larger carts to deal with that. The 4 wheel design on these carts when rocked back means stability and makes these carts great for moving heavy equipment over a long distance.

Folding Chair Packages featuring Folding Chair Dollies

Folding Chair packages and bundles from EventStable are a great option for any party rental company or event venue looking to save money while never sacrificing performance or the integrity of their product

Most of our bundles feature folding chairs and dollies with straps. Whether it's a formal wedding on the horizon and you need 200 TitanPRO™ White Resin Folding Chairs with 8 of our Folding Chair Dollies or a backyard anniversary party that requires 100 TitanPRO™ Plastic Folding Chairs with 2 Dollies, we have you covered. 

Best of all, when you buy one of our folding chair packages, you'll always get free shipping with each purpose!