The Best Way to Move Folding Chairs?

May 12, 2022 90 view(s)
The Best Way to Move Folding Chairs?

" We are back again with a fun one. Our customers, particularly event venues, ask us all the time about the best way to Best Way to Move Folding Chairs...! "

Luxury comfort and royal seating styles add a flicker of wow-ness and core to your event's success. But what good are they if you have trouble getting them from place to place? From lush table landscapes to spectacular seating arrangements nothing can beat the convenience of making your events more comfortable, easier, and manageable than folding chair dollies. Whether you are moving into a new home or rearranging the furniture or planning a backyard affair or a formal wedding ball, you don’t want to get into the hassle of transporting folding chairs from one place to another without a dolly. 

Practical for gathering from the grand affairs to expansive official meetups, the folding chair carts boast a great tool to quickly store and move around folding chairs when you have to load and unload hundreds of them. From plastic folding chairs to resin folding chairs or anything in between, the Global Event Supply flaunts an authentic wholesale market proffering a plethora of folding chair trolley carts and dollies meticulously designed for heavy-duty commercial usage. 

With folding chairs and trolleys added to your arsenal, you can aptly minimize the manpower and save the time and energy on your overall bottom line. Each folding chair cart and dolly is explicitly designed to cater to and transport certain types of folding chairs. Therefore, we have sprawled through the internet to gather key elements to help you make a purchase that fits perfectly with the chairs and tables of your choosing.

Trolley cart for folding chairs

Boasting an optimal solution for stacking, storing, and moving a high volume of chairs, the folding chair racks on wheels can make the process of transporting these folding chairs a breeze, so you can set up, tear down, and store seating easily. 

The folding chair carts flaunt the most practical, economical, and functional medium to easily stack and accommodate versatile folding chairs to keep them off the floor while moving them with utmost ease. The commercial-grade steel features a black powder-coated finish that ensures ruggedness for the folding chair dolly cart to hold up the wear and tear from everyday use. Moreover, the flip extensions prompt convenient storage for taller chairs. Corroborating the dynamic structure, the two fixed and two locking swivel casters facilitate precise maneuverability in extremely tight spaces. Whereas, the locking mechanism of the folding chair carts corroborates sturdy storage, so you don’t have to chase the chairs.

The double tier hanging chair carts

Better storage

If you are looking for something more versatile and robust the hanging chair cart quickly sets up and easily takes down and stores as many as 84 steel, 60 wood, or 120 plastic folding chairs. Bolstered with enduring tubular steel, an easy-to-assemble unit, and adorned with the brown powder-coated paint finesse, this tried and tested folding chair cart significantly saves space and appreciates efficiency. 

Enduring construction

Diligently designed from the 17 gauge steel, the folding chair trolley cart provides a rugged transport and a double-tier design that securely stores an ample amount of folding chairs in the least possible time. The top-notch construction allows you to add an extension bar for taller blow-molded chairs. 

Move it all around

The heavy-duty thermoplastic-looking rubber wheels facilitate you to move the folding chair dolly with 360-degree full rotation easily even through the congested doorways, carpets, floors, and grass.

Grab and Pull

The strong handles on both sides of the folding chair dolly enable firm grip and easy movement with minimum effort.

Blow-molded chair cart

Stoutness and comfort

Whether you are looking for something universal or unique, the blow-molded chair cart notches up your transport experience at a stroke. The lightweight and easy-to-carry folding chair cart ooze durability and an enduring framework that can resist stains and intense damage over time. Giving your arsenal a punch of ease, these folding chair carts optimize space and reduce physical strain and stress while soundly transporting and maneuvering your loads around. 

Rust free exterior

The legs and support are painted with powder-coated metal to give the chair dolly and cart a corrosion-free longer life. 

Amply support and storage

The vigilantly manufactured designs feature upright support bars that lock and unlock while leveraging to stack the blow molding chairs without the possibility of falling. Confining 27 chairs and more, the commercial-grade steel accents a width that makes it suitable to get through the doors and other restricted places. 

Multi mover dolly

The long-distance companion

Long-distance traveling with oversized loads can be a bit intimidating if you don’t have the right folding chair dolly to do the job. The multi-mover dolly tends to be the perfect transport solution to take the load off your back whilst providing easy rolling over uneven and rough terrains. 

Solid steel frame

The heavy-duty design of this folding chair dolly is made from solid steel that makes awkward bulky items move with ease and comfort. The one-piece welded design of the multi-mover dolly makes it more sturdy while adding to the life of the cart. 

The never-flat tires

The 13-inch pneumatic tires are maintenance-free with ozone resistance and high abrasion resistance. They are diligently made from a closed-cell inflatable foam that prevents the wheel from water absorption giving you peace of mind that you never have to worry about flat tires. Furthermore, the rear wheels proffer additional support to move weighty furniture effortlessly. 

Mantis Dolly

Now you can speed up your productivity with the new line of Mantis Dollies. These folding chair dollies are made to fit both standard and fan-back poly-fold chairs. The must-have accessory for any rental business is all steel welded construction that moves large and hefty loads like a breeze. Boasting the potential to lift more than 750 lbs of material, this heavy-duty features 2 solid steel forks and aluminum fenders that protect the load from rubbing against the tires. The chairs are stacked on top of the pallet and are securely strapped with the help of an endless loop strap. 

Why folding chair dolly is worth an investment?

  • They allow you to stack up to 84 chairs for an event in a compact space as little as a closet without any hassle.
  • In addition to organized storage, loading and unloading chairs become more practical and convenient with a cart.
  • Even if you have to transport the folding chairs from storage to the hallway, the folding chair dollies allow you to move all the seating in one easy trip.
  • You can save yourself from the strenuous amount of strain on the body by manually carrying chairs from room to room leading to painful back injuries.
  • The best thing about chair dolly carts is that they come in different sizes and offer dynamic utility meeting individual requirements.


How do you pack a folding chair for moving?

  • For long distances, it is better to wrap the expensive chairs for protection.
  • Close the chair
  • Lay it flat on a pad
  • Layer it inside the protective material
  • Once padded, secure it with tape so it doesn’t come loose.

How do you transport a folding table?

The multi-purpose folding table storage and transport cart fit rectangular and round tables vertically and horizontally for secure transportation.

How do you organize folding chairs?

Folding chair dollies is one of the most economical, practical, and useful ways to organize multiple folding chairs in tight spaces without a mess.

How do I store my dining chairs in the garage?

Use blankets, sheets, or plastic wraps to cover the expensive chairs from dust and moisture before storing them in the garage.

What is the difference between a folding chair rack and a folding chair cart?

The folding chair racks on wheels do the same job as the cart for folding chairs. They only differ in the way you load them. The first one stores them and the latter carries them.


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