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Garden Design Ideas to Make the Best of Your Outdoor Space

July 7, 2022 55 view(s)
Garden Design Ideas to Make the Best of Your Outdoor Space

Looking for garden design ideas to transform your outdoor space? Whether it’s a nice set of Wood Folding Chairs or even a sturdy couple of Plastic Folding Chairs with Plastic Folding Tables, there are numerous different ways you can create a nice outdoor space. Having an outdoor space that you can design is a real asset. It can make or break the overall outlook of your entire home. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous task and you can start working on this project anytime. Either hire a professional to do the work for you or if you’re low on budget you can even DIY (Do It Yourself) with some good outdoor garden ideas and furniture pieces like metal folding tables and more!

Is it THAT important to have a nicely designed outdoor space?

For sure it is! Using our outdoor spaces whether it's your front lawn or your backyard garden is now more important than ever. Just imagine you design your own backyard and you walk into a self-created aesthetic space designed according to your taste every time you step foot out the door. It’s like a breath of fresh air and of course, a great start to every day. Moreover, a vibrant outdoor space with the right outdoor patio furniture and design can be the perfect place to host family dinners and lively BBQs. You can just see yourself relaxing in your beautifully designed backyard in your wooden garden furniture set, a safe haven from all that hustle and bustle of your daily routine, can’t you? 

Well, let’s get started. You can take inspiration from the below-mentioned outdoor garden ideas and suggestions to transform your outdoor space and turn it into a place that speaks to you!

- Pick a theme:

To design your own backyard or any garden space you own is a project that’s definitely close to your heart. This is why you need to give its theme due consideration before landing on a decision. The most important step in this process is to pick a theme for your space and style it according to that. There is a variety of these available that you can go through. You can even create an amalgam or combination of themes to give it that ultimate personalised touch. Whether you’re going for a minimal design with some plastic folding chairs or folding garden furniture or contemporary styling with lots of foliage around metal folding garden tables and chairs. You could even go for a tropical paradise with a garden bar table and stools with loads of plants and trees. There are many refreshing themes and designs you can incorporate with the right furniture of course.

- Spruce up your lawn:

Your lawn is everything when it comes to starting a garden. It is the backbone on which this whole project is based. What you do with your lawn sets the entire precedent for your outdoor setting. So, make sure you do it justice. Familiarise yourself with the dimensions of your lawn and how much of its space you wish to use for your project. Dedicate a space for your DIY garden seating area, a space for plants, a space for flowers and even a space for trees to have an accurate idea of how the whole shebang will turn out. Invest in a lawn mower to keep the lawn space neat and tidy. Make sure to give it the care that it needs because if your lawn flourishes, your entire space will naturally light up and look appealing to the eye.

- Create a cosy outdoor dining/living room space:

Who says gardens are just for growing flowers and plants and trees? These outdoor spaces are the ideal place to create a cosy space for you and your family. You can do a lot with a space like this, add some quaint little Wood Folding Chairs, some Metal Folding Tables perhaps or anything else you’d like and you have an outdoor living room and dining room all in one space. Get together with your loved ones and enjoy a nice Sunday brunch in your thoughtfully created outdoor area among the sounds of nature in a sturdy but quaint folding dining set with 4 chairs set. Add some succulents or beautiful flowers to the surrounding and voila! 

- Plant a garden for all seasons:

Plants that flourish all year round (with the proper care of course) are a real asset to any garden. If you want your garden to look beautiful and lush all year round, you need to plan smartly. You can even plant a variety of plants that feature ornamental assets that bloom in various months so your garden never appears dull, even in winter and autumn. Cyclamens, snapdragons, winter jasmines and chrysanthemums are ideal for fall and winter blooming. So, no matter the season, your garden will maintain its vibrancy and colour.

- A sunken seating area with a fireplace/bonfire:

If you have the budget for it and your house is located somewhere windy or even if your backyard is very exposed to neighbouring windows, a sunken seating place with a metal folding garden table and chairs is the perfect fit for you. Dig down to create a sunken area and add the appropriate furniture according to your envisioned aesthetic like wood folding chairs or plastic folding chairs with plastic folding tables. Design this seating area around a small fire pit or a bonfire so you’ll have that private cosy setting for chilly winter nights to enjoy with family and friends.

- Get creative with the lights:

Lighting is the true underdog when it comes to designing your garden. It can really be the deciding factor when it comes to creating a nice atmosphere. You could go for some solar lights around your garden and maybe line the pathway with it to give it that cosy feel. You could even go for a combination of lighting types to create a festive environment. Some fairy lights on the boundary walls for that extra sparkle with some ground lights and festoon lights. 

- A water feature is that ultimate wow factor:

Water features require some work and sure they might even suck up some of that budget but my god are they breathtaking. There is no better way to add a vibe of serenity and tranquillity to any outdoor space than to incorporate a water feature. Whether it’s a small pond with delightful little fish, a fountain to swoon over or even a cute little waterfall that cascades on a bunch of chunky rocks surrounded by moss. Add some Wood Chiavari Chairs next to it so you can sit and enjoy the serene sounds in style.

- Add statement furniture pieces:

Sometimes a single furniture item such as a wooden folding relaxing chair or a plastic folding table surrounded by the right accessories can give your entire garden that instant uplift. Consider a corner in your garden where you place a table and chair set that suits your style and imagine planters on the floor next to this in various colours and heights. Doesn’t it look like a dream? This cute little DIY garden seating area won’t even be heavy on the budget. 

Design your garden with us!

At Global Event Supply, we feature a varying array of tables, chairs and other furniture items that would be perfect for different garden design ideas. Browse through our collection and let us help you design the garden of your dreams today.

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