6 Reasons to Use Global Event’s Supply Cross Back Chairs for Your Next Event!

August 28, 2022 80 view(s)
6 Reasons to Use Global Event’s Supply Cross Back Chairs for Your Next Event!

You may not realize that choosing the right type of seating for your guests is critical to the success of the event. The seating comfort makes all the difference in the way that all your guests interact actively with each other and it also dictates the ambiance generated in the setting. Though there is no shortage of ways you can adorn your ballrooms, and farmhouse events, yet reminiscent of the bygone eras, the cross-back chairs are a stylish yet functional addition to your next fancy affair. The vintage staple speaks volumes in terms of quality and comfort. Perfect for modern bistros, trendy cafes, and rustic taverns, the cross-back chairs flaunt minimalistic aesthetics that blend perfectly with all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces.

What style are Crossback Chairs?

Exquisitely known for their rugged construction, the cross-back chairs boast distressed accents which seamlessly complement any traditional or modern-day décor. The majestic chairs have an X back and meticulously designed curved legs that give your event an elegant X factor that many of us might be missing in our events.

So let's take a closer look at what sets the Global Event Supply cross-back chairs apart and why we think our chairs beat the competition.

- Aesthetics

The Chiavari chairs may add a formal glare but the warmth of a cross-back dining chair is comparable to none. Deceptively modest yet full of character, the cross-back chairs can elevate the most basic of themes at a stroke. 

From the luxurious farmhouse cross-back chairs to the enduring wooden cross-back chairs and the comfortable garden chairs, the durable yet lightweight classic rustic pieces have an artistic appeal to complement Coastal style, Parsican chic, French Provincial table settings, and corporate décor. The sleek design with clean lines adds farmhouse-chic aesthetics, making these cross-back chairs an excellent choice for weddings of all styles. Our famous resin cross-back chairs are a true modern classic that can pack a punch for your next event.

- Comfort

Nothing is worse than investing in an uncomfortable chair. No matter how sophisticated and elegant the seating appears, if the chairs give your guests a sore back, then expending thousands of dollars on the seating is a waste of money. 

You might be surprised to know that the cross-back chairs are purpose-built for your comfort. The delicate design is aptly designed keeping in mind posture, ease, and utility. Whether there are resin cross-back chairs or wooden cross-back chairs, the ergonomic fabrication is ideal to notch up your seating experience for long sitting hours. The x-back dining chairs are molded to provide ample lumber support and a premium seating experience that comes with the Chiavari chairs.

i.  Are X back chairs comfortable?

Perfect for people of all ages, the cross-back chairs are an ideal resort for people with lower back pain. They can also replace your desk chairs for the study area. Moreover, their unique construction tends to conform to the natural curve of the spine to elevate your posture and position while sitting. 

ii. Want a cross-back chair with a padded seat?

Most of the chairs don’t come with a fully upholstered seat but adding the cross-back chair cushions makes them a lot more comfortable than a standard wooden dining chair.  Global Event Supply features a wide range of shades for the spandex chair covers to add a pop of color to your cross-back chairs with cushions.  The extra cushioning adds a pleasant contrast against the wooden cross-back chairs.

- Cross back chairs on a budget

When it comes to economical investment, cross-back chairs check all the boxes of chicness and affordability. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a set of dining chairs, our event chairs at wholesale rates will cost you a fraction of the retail prices. 

- Versatility

Our cross-back chairs have become so popular over the past few years and rightly so! What we love about these extravagant outdoor cross-back chairs is their versatility. Unifying grace and contemporary aesthetics, these cheap cross-back chairs accent fancy backgrounds, and vintage events with their natural elements. 

Flaunting a plethora of textures, materials, and shades to choose from Global Event Supply’s catalog feature a neutral selection of distressed grey, ivory, black, brown, or white cross-back chairs. 

These neutral textures allow these chairs to coordinate seamlessly with a variety of decor styles. You can also play up the neutral pastel pallets against the bold backdrops to add a hint of grandeur to your seating. Moreover, you can opt for the resin Chiavari chairs with a white glossy finish as they look at home with farmhouse tables and French Country and Coastal décor.

- Sturdy fabrication

Whether you are tying the knot in a ballroom setting or a countryside ceremony, the cross-back chairs are meticulously fabricated using natural solid wood that is virtuously distressed to create that perfectly weathered finish. 

Cross-back chairs boast exponential craftsmanship and tailoring skills of the artisans that deliver high quality, durable and sturdy chairs that can carry up to 400lbs.

i. Wooden cross-back chairs

These cross-back chairs exhibit a handcrafted framework made from commercial grade wood, while its European styling maintains a classy feel to your event. These wooden cross-back chairs are excellently assembled using rugged bolts to ensure that the chairs are perfectly aligned and have great balance and stability. in addition to that, the curved support between the round legs adds to their support and balance. The solid beech wood chairs give a rustic feel that works beautifully in a magnitude of venues.

ii. Resin cross-back chairs

These weather-resistant plastic cross-back chairs are made from PP or PC which makes them explicitly impervious to UV radiation and extreme weather conditions. 

iii. Arms or no arms?

Most of the cross-back chairs come without an armrest. Just in case you are looking for chairs with an armrest keep in mind that the armrests should have clearance under the apron when pushed in.

- Stackable Cross back chairs

Are cross-back chairs stackable?  Whether you are looking for a single chair or thousands of them for your fancy event, the stackable cross-back chairs are a lifesaver. They can be easily stacked together providing ample storage space in garages and store rooms. The practical design is utterly lightweight and can be transported from one place to another without taking up much space.

So how to pick the perfect cross-back chairs for your special occasion?

Warm and formal - What you want is the best of both worlds to seat your guests for the grand event. With a focus on not only comfort but aesthetics, Global Event Supply brings you an exclusive range of eclectic mix of cross-back chair styles. Their farmhouse cross-back chairs are the epitome of timelessness that translates just as well in the modern ambiance as it adds beautiful rustic and textural contrast against the contemporary background.

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